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Saturday, March 25, 2006

New nails and curried eggs

Today is Saturday. It is 9:43 pm and this has been my day:
I woke up at 9am with a mild hangover from a semi-formal party last night(It was a decent gig but the band was awful and my sexy little shoes were killing my feet after the first hour. Party was over at 11 and Bill and I went straight home).
I made curried eggs and toast for breakfast and we had a lazy morning, considering the workload. We left Bills apartment by 11am and I went grocery shopping and on a CVS run. I am back to wearing fake nails so I had to restock. I also bought a bunch of no-metal-piece hair rubber bands. My hair is short but I am really trying to grow it out. Right now, it is in 2 sad looking 1-inch long pig tails at the base of my neck.
By noon I was in the studio, working on my site-grading plan for construction documents class. Barf. I finished by 5pm and then went to help out a friend who needed to print some files from the place I work.
I arrived back at my place by 5:20 and began to make dinner, homemade crabcakes and salad. Bill came over around 5:45 and were done with dinner by 6:30. I did some painting on a snazzy paint-by-number and was back in the studio by 8pm to knock out some research.
Now, I want to go home, listen to old music, bake some bread, and fall assleep by 11:00. Rockin' Saturday night, eh?


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