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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bikinis and memories

I was inspired by Rosie's recent posting to write something about weight. This time of year is a real doozy even if you plan to stay bundled up in fleece until April. It is so comforting to eat and eat and eat and then sleep. For those people who have to then get into a bathing suit in January, there is a very hard battle to be fought.
I think maybe it is known as The Battle of the Bulge.
Bill and I were reminicing a few days ago about when we first laid eyes on each other in August of 2004. I looked something like this except my hair was pink and I had just gone through a breakup and so I had lost a few pounds. Anyway, I was telling Bill that I liked him right away and that I could tell I wanted to be his friend. He said I was really cute and that I basically look the same now, but that I was thinner then.
I know he wasn't being mean or even inconsiderate. I think he likes me a little on the round side. But I don't.
I had recently decided that I would like to lose about 5 pounds by January 1 so now I can say that, officially, I am quietly on a diet too(along with my bud Rosie). Not trying to accomplish miricles, I just want to be firm. Strong looking instead of squishy. Squashy. Nothing wrong with being squeezeable but I am aiming for an adjective like, "toned" or "athletic".

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Get Stuffed!

I don't eat turkey. The last time I ate turkey was thanksgiving of 1997. My friend Melissa had a thanksgiving day feast and her bartender friends brought countless bottles of wine. I had been a vegetarian for nearly 2 years but for some reason, after drinking so much wine, eating all the turkey meat off the carcass seemed to be a good idea. Melissa caught me in the kitchen, up to my elbows in turkey. After that, I sat in her chair and fell asleep.

Since then, I have had a few Tofurkey holidays and a few non-traditional meals for the big feast. One year, my brother came to visit me and I made a curried seitan dish. I think that was the year that we drank rum mixed with a green drink (the healthy drinks with spirulina and wheatgrass). Classic gross jess and trav concoction. The Tofurkey isn't a bad way to go but it is terriably overpriced for what you get. Besides, I can easliy make a great meal out of the non-meat traditional Thanksgiving foods. Mmmmmm, stuffing and sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce and steamed broccoli and pumpkin pie!

I know that Thanksgiving is mostly about being with family and friends and eating till you vomit but it is also about just being lazy. There is a lot of sitting going on. I think that is why "they" decided to put a football game on TV and a parade on TV and whatever else. If you have no TV, just sit your ass down and watch the kids run around. Watch the dog run around. Watch some drunk vegetarian eat turkey remnants. Watch everyone clean the kitchen.

This Thanksgiving, for the third year, my folks and I will begin the day by running the Turkey Trot. And, as a long standing tradition, we will go for a long hike after eating dinner. We are not a family of sitters. Not usually anyway. However, I am determined to find a good 3-4 hour chunk on thursday to just sit down and veg out. Brain off, TV on, full belly, and no turkey breath.

Have a good one. Hug a dog in honor of my pup Peta who died (a happy dog) last thanksgiving.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Red Bicyclette...

...the wine. Yum. I have had a really topsy turvey week. It began with icky boyfriend-girlfriend issues, continued through hydrology project hell, made an appearance in "don't take yourself so damn seriously" land, and deposited me firmly in the belief that this semester is going to turn me into an alcoholic. However, I did do something today that I am proud of and amused by. I made this picture.
It is a bit of a lie because I know neither of these dogs much less what either of them thinks about. But I tell you what, if I was as cute as either one of those little fur smoochies, I probably wouldn't think of much more than bounding through grass on a warm fall day.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Yeah, yeah, I know it's been awhile. No one probably even checks this anymore since I am so inconsistant with my updates. Well, I have been swamped with school work.And Halloween.

I have also been experiencing a bit of relationship hardship but i don't really think this is the forum to discuss that. Let's just say that I think it is healthy to re-evaluate yourself, your feelings, and your outlook on life every now and then. Becomming stagnant in any one of these areas can be dangerous not to mention very boring. I'm not saying that you should intentionally shake things up just to get a reaction, but that if you hit turbulance in life, use it as a time for adjustment and refreshment. like the icon at the top of the page with the two entwined green arrows. refresh.