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Rhymes with poodler.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Full-Circle babble

I ordered two new CD's recently from I can't stop listening to the first one I put into my CD player. It is Tegan and Sara's latest CD (their third) titled "So Jealous". It is really superb. My kind-of Jam. Blackberry. Bill's mom made some absolutely terrific Blackberry jam a few weeks ago and now I am completely hooked. I eat it on crackers or just by the spoonful. It is sweet and gooey and better than anything from a store. I really don't like grape jelly or jam at all. I was at the dentist yesterday (aren't you proud, rosebud?) and I had the option of what flavor of nasty gritty tooth polish I wanted them to use on me. The choices were orange grape cherry strawberry or mint. Gross. I went with strawberry. I did not eat nearly enough fresh strawberries this summer. Now I've been back in school for almost 2 weeks and I feel like summer is fading fading fading. I finally got to do a lot of the fun stuff from my previous list so I don't feel completely cheated out of frivolous summer fun. Frivolous summer shopping needs to end. Actually, it came to a screeching halt when I started school because I don't have time to drive to TJ maxx. Mom did buy me some great shoes lat weekend from 9 west. They are platform heels and are super hot but a little tight in the toes. Need to break them in. Need to go out dancing soon. I got mad rhythm in my body and it needs to break free. I want to slam dance to my new Tegan and Sara CD!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My Scholastic career resumes in 6 days. I am excited. I would like to get a 4.0. That is my hope. This entry is lame.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Fiddle-dee dee

Two days until departure to Galax Old Fiddler's Convention...
Bill says that by the end of next weekend I will never want to hear a banjo again. How can that be? I'm a fan of bluegrass jammin' and have been for many years. Will being at a 4-day bluegrass jamboree really taint me? I just cannot imagine. The only thing that I see as a potential pisser is if it rains the entire time. Ick.
Bill also said he had a dream where he was playing music with a woman who could play the fiddle really well. He thinks it's a sign that I should learn to play fiddle. just like that. just pick up a fiddle, Jess, and go to town. Git a little "Devil went down to Georgia", Jess. Well, now, I have tried to play the Bass Guitar many times. I have taken lessons 4 times. I have an amp and all the books and I REALLY wanted to learn how but I never could quite get it. I do wish I could just pick up an instrument and figure out how to make music with it but maybe it is not in my making. Maybe I will forever be dancer-hula-hooper, music lover. I am OK with that.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I'll make this quick and to the point. I have never really been a fan of Victoria's Secret. Thought their shit was kind of chincey. However, they have a line out right now that I highly recommened. The Ipex bra. It is a pleasure to wear and just magnificent to look at. Comes in demi and full coverage. I have one of each. So flattering. Fun colors (sea foam green and bright coral orange for me). They are a little pricey, certainly more than I have ever paid for a bra before, but I think it is worth it. Skip eating dinner out twice to make up for it.
Here's to a great looking rack!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jambo! Wewe ni wazimu!

My friend Lauren has just returned from a 5 week adventure in Tanzania and tonight, she and I are going out for an adult beverage so I can hear all about it. Without even seeing the photos of romping zebras and bright orange sunsets, I miss Africa. I was fortunate enough to spend 2 months in Kenya when I was 17 (with out parental supervision). It was incredible! Ever since, I have been yearning to return because once Africa gets into your soul, it will forever pull you in. And there is something about the earthiness and reality of the land and the people that make it almost impossible not to fall in love.
I'm excited to hear about Laurens time there.