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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brrrrrrrrrr.......(teeth chattering)

What is up with the insane idea that when it is really hot outside, the AC should make it cooler than usual inside?!?! If it's 75 outside, set the AC to 70. But if it's 90 outside, set the AC to...63? Uhg! It's awful in this building. I need a heater and it's JULY! I need to go to TJ Maxx and buy some socks and a sweater. Maybe a fleece. A nice limey green one with a zipper up the front. And maybe a light but fairly cozy summer scarf (because the AC blows right on my neck!). Ok, so I'm out of here!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I still love the gold shoes.
The bite has almost healed although there will be scarring.
My fingernails are still quite pretty and long.
I still need book recommendations!
I have tried to cut back on the TJ Maxx trips. Not too successfully.
I got a new computer at work so I can work faster and fit in blogging easier.
The boots should be here in 2 days.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Boots and sheets

Rosie wrote yesterday about how she was waiting for some snazzy sheets and a duvet cover to come in the mail. She even furnished her readers with the thread count of each item. She's good. Well, I am equally excited about my recent internet purchase, which should be arriving any day now:a pair of rubber boots. Navy blue with red detailing, 14" tall, lined with canvas and added arch support. Great for snow, slush, and, most applicable to this time of year, mud. Perfect for that up coming 4-day music festival where rain is almost gauranteed. I just hope they fit over my substantial calves.

Monday, July 25, 2005


That is the kind of work day I am having. If I type BIG and add in a lot of spaces, it will appear that I am doing more work than I really am. I think I have a pretty glittery work ethic on an everyday basis but today is just killin' me! It is almost 100 degrees outside, I need to clean my apartment, I need to go to the gym, and I would soooooooo much rather be swimming. Besides, the actual work that I should be doing today is utterly monotonous. Writing a paper. Ick! I DID NOT decide to become a landscape architect so I could write papers. I want to draw pictures and design trailheads. In fact, screw the paper, I'm either going to churn out some fabu kiosk designs or I'm making like a leaf and......

Monday, July 18, 2005

gimme dem greens

If you have not yet discovered the iron-rich joy of kale and collard greens, do not be afraid to start your love affair TONIGHT!
A wonderful non-southern-baptist way to prepare collard greens(or kale) is to sautee them in a bit of butter and soy sauce. Be careful not to over do it on the soy sauce. Cook until the greens are very limp and considerably darker than when raw. It is also delicious to add some garlic and/or red pepper flakes to the mix.
Also makes a great lunch the next day.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why am I afraid of dogs?

While I was in Charlottesville last week, I ran into an old friend (Mr. Eric W., for those of you in the know) and we were hanging out at Millers with his girlfriend. I couldn't get my "You-are-old-enough-to-drink-alcohol" bracelet off my wrist so Mr. EW proceeded to use his teeth in my aid. He bit me. He broke the skin and left a small bruise. Most importantly, his teeth tore my flesh. My mom later said that human bites are the dirtiest. I washed it and put a dollop of antibiotic cream on it but I fear my germ prevention may have come too late. Now, 6 days later, the skin around the bite is red and irritated and it hurts. It looks infected. Currently, the yellowy hue of iodine surrounds the wound.
Would I have rather had a dog bite?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Daaaaamn July 12

I have been away. Did my plethora of fans miss me?
It is now officially MID-JULY, which means I go back to school in 1 month. Where the hell did summer go? I have yet to go to a bluegrass festival, a wine festival, or a river float. I'm glad I got to the beach but I sure don't have a tan at this point. I kept my hair updated to the season and tried to lose my winter insulation so as to be presentable in a bathing suit. But I haven't really had to test that.
I need a quick fix solution to my summertime blues. Something I can squeeze in after work or on a random weekend.
I need a day of sand, music, people, wine, lovin', and suntannin'.