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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Short update

I have a job for the summer in Charlottesville. For a really snazzy Landscape Architecture firm. I will most likely be too busy to write to you very often but I will try to be more diligent in my postings.
After school was done, Bill and I went for a fantastic 11-day roadtrip which took us to Wilmington, NC and Charleston, SC and all sorts of great places in between. We had a terrific time and I was certainly not excited about the looming move (pack all belongings, shove into Uhaul, drive 2.5 hours, take all belongings out and set up life again).
It's over now, I survived.
Anyway, hopefully this summer will include lots of music, money, relaxation, fun with Bill and family, and some reading and preparation for my thesis year.
we'll seeeee.......

Friday, May 26, 2006

for rosie and her complaint

maybe i am slackerdoodle with the bloggidoodle.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Just 5 days left of school work. 5 weary, strained, fat, sweaty, stressed, dehydrated days. Sweet.
After that, a little R&R and then a 10-day road trip with Bill, who graduates in just over a week. We'll be going to the coastal regions of the Carolinas and Georgia and then on over to Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains. Should be a hoot.
Before I embark, I want to reccomend to you to read "The Fermata" this summer. It is a sexy book.
When the roadtrip is oven, so will be my time in Blacksburg. I will be working in Charlottesville this summer and then doing my final year of graduate school in Alexandria.
Listen to "Changes" by David Bowie, master of music on so many levels.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today is Bill's 33rd birthday. Too bad he has so much work to do.
Anyway, I went to Rosie's mom's (Sandy)bacheloette party this past Saturday. Here's a peek:

Saturday, March 25, 2006

New nails and curried eggs

Today is Saturday. It is 9:43 pm and this has been my day:
I woke up at 9am with a mild hangover from a semi-formal party last night(It was a decent gig but the band was awful and my sexy little shoes were killing my feet after the first hour. Party was over at 11 and Bill and I went straight home).
I made curried eggs and toast for breakfast and we had a lazy morning, considering the workload. We left Bills apartment by 11am and I went grocery shopping and on a CVS run. I am back to wearing fake nails so I had to restock. I also bought a bunch of no-metal-piece hair rubber bands. My hair is short but I am really trying to grow it out. Right now, it is in 2 sad looking 1-inch long pig tails at the base of my neck.
By noon I was in the studio, working on my site-grading plan for construction documents class. Barf. I finished by 5pm and then went to help out a friend who needed to print some files from the place I work.
I arrived back at my place by 5:20 and began to make dinner, homemade crabcakes and salad. Bill came over around 5:45 and were done with dinner by 6:30. I did some painting on a snazzy paint-by-number and was back in the studio by 8pm to knock out some research.
Now, I want to go home, listen to old music, bake some bread, and fall assleep by 11:00. Rockin' Saturday night, eh?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ahhh, relaxation is medicine

Today is the Sunday after a week of Spring Break. I spent the week in Utah, strapped to my snowboard and testing out new snowboarding boots. The first few days, I was still bogged down with stress from school and life but on the second day out there, I thought, "This is crazy! You are on vacation and a MUCH NEEDED vacation at that. Kick up your heels and flush your worries down the toilet!" and so that is what I did. I stopped trying to get school work done, I quit thinking about important e-mails, I embraced nature and I lost 3 pounds. I fell goooood. I got back to Blacksburg on Friday evening and on Saturday, I went for a long bike ride and got a one-hour massage (which was heavenly). I think I am actually ready for the last 2 months of the semester!
I have also almost made a decision to transfer to the Alexandria campus for my final year as a student. I think the change will be good and there are many more opportunities up there for a LA than there are down here. Plus, I think I will like a little bit more of a bustling atmosphere for a while.
Anyway, back to school work for me!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

sleepy 'scuses

Been awhile, eh? Well, I'm tired of apologizing. Let me tell you what other important things have gotten shoved aside recently:
My refrigerator is empty
My laundry pile is obscenly large
My resume is in shambles (and I'm trying to apply for internships)
My legs haven't been shaven in weeks
I have clothes to take to the dry cleaner...from last summer
My car has leaves in the floorboard...from last summer
I have over 50 unanswered e-mails in my "friends" folder
I still haven't seen the latest Harry Potter movie
I can barely make it through the readings I have to do for my research methods class because I spend so much time reading Rosies blog and checking out peoples Friendster profiles. Plus, I bake a lot of cookies in the winter and that is all my free time right there.
Now I'm really tired so goodnight.